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A Practice Devoted Exclusively to Family Law

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Compassionate Professional Advocacy, a New Approach to Family Law and Conflict

Ending a marriage or modifying a separation agreement or parenting plan can be a difficult prospect, having the potential to create conflict and disagreement concerning the most important thing in your life, your family.  When children are involved, matters can become even more sensitive and nuanced.  Saint Family Law will help you protect your legal rights by successfully guiding you through the legal process, aggressively representing you and professionally managing all aspects of your case, even the seemingly mundane aspects.  We provide flexible representation; from full-service to pay as you go, we will show you why many people on the opposite side dread the arrival of a truly professional presentation.

We will be there for you and your family, from a simple dissolution of marriage (divorce), to cases involving self-employment and business ownership, international assets, child abuse, domestic abuse or just cases that seem hopeless.  Please understand we do not beat around the bush here, you pay for what you get, we are your layers not your psychologist, we explain what is going on and how it will affect you, straight and true.  You will know what to expect and how much the decision you choose to make is going to cost you, both in dollars and relationally.  Whether your breakup is amicable or contested, we will help you pursue fair resolutions to disputes over custody, financial support and property division.  We understand the emotional aspect of life changes and court proceedings and work diligently so that you can understand and reason with the process and expected outcome.

Responsive legal advice serving central Colorado

At Saint Family Law, attorney Randy Saint Onge and his team, works diligently with each client to learn what their priorities are to develop a comprehensive litigation strategy. Clients who retain us can count on counsel that is:

  • Established — We have a solid track record of effective representation, visit recent cases page to see counties and case numbers.
  • Trustworthy — For any type of family legal issue, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you toward the outcome that you seek.
  • Compassionate — With every communication, we strive to provide both the legal support you need and the sensitive counsel you deserve to ease your emotional burden.

If you’re unsure about how to proceed, Saint Family Law offers a free case evaluation to all of our potential clients, making it possible for you to get answers without any risk.

A counselor to assist you and represent you with all types of family law challenges

Saint Family Law assists Coloradans in various practice areas relating to marital and parenting issues, including:

  • Family law — No matter what type of family law concern you have, we can advise you about solutions available under Colorado law.
  • Divorce — Saint Family Law is a strong advocate for spouses in every aspect of divorce proceedings, including property and custody conflicts.
  • Modifications — Is it time to modify but your not sure where to start, we are happy to help.
  • Annulments — If you entered into a marriage without proper legal capacity, or due to fraud or unlawful duress, we can explore the possibility of obtaining an annulment.
  • Child custody — Questions of child custody and visitation are often the most bitterly contested part of any divorce. We will build a strong case to help ensure that choices are made that protect your rights and are in your child’s best interests.
  • Child support — Fair child support terms are crucial to creating a situation where parents and children can thrive. Saint Family Law works to make sure that complete, correct information is used in these calculations.
  • Mental Illness/Competence — Do you need to defend or make a claim of mental illness and/or competence as related to family law, look no further.
  • Domestic violence — Cases of domestic violence demand immediate action and strong counsel to ensure your safety and legal rights.
  • Domestic Litigation — If you have special or immediate litigation and/or hearing needs please call to see if we may be able to help, or guide you in the right direction,

Because this is our exclusive area of practice, we understand what you are going through, and we can focus on your needs. Let us help you through the legal process.

Call us or walk-in for a free in-office 1-hour attorney initial consultation

Saint Family Law represents Colorado clients in divorces and other types of family law matters.  Please call 303-951-7531 or contact us online for a free initial consultation at our Centennial office.  If you have a special circumstance please call and we can make other consultation arrangements, including home visits.  We are full-service and cater to those who have special needs.