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The Initial Status Conference

Where It All Starts

The first court meeting is usually with a Family Court Facilitator or a Judge by telephone, WebEx/Zoom, or in Court. At this hearing, the Parties discuss the case, identify issues, and set deadlines to manage the case. This is not a formal hearing but an opportunity for the Court and the Parties to get on the same page concerning issues like mediation, experts, deadlines, and how to raise temporary requests, such as exclusive use of the marital home or temporary parenting time. This hearing is usually about 30 minutes long and is generally scheduled within three weeks of getting started.

Document Production

Once the case starts and at other times during the process, you will be required to provide many financial documents, such as bank statements and tax returns. Each Party can also make other more specific requests during this stage of the process.

Mediation Mandatory

Mandatory mediation is required to be conducted once the process starts, usually within 60 days of starting the case.

Conferences and Hearing

During the process, Conferences and Hearings are common to deal with everything from temporary home use, temporary support, and temporary parenting time, if applicable.

Permanent Orders Hearing/Trial

This is the hearing, usually from half day to a full day final orders hearing/trial in front of a Judge to hear testimony and make final orders in your case.

Post-Trial Decision

Once the process is complete, you have a certain amount of days to request post-trial relief, such as motions for reconsideration or appeals.