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Your Representative Through the Difficult Process of Ending a Marriage or Civil Union

Here when you need us, providing you solid representation through the domestic litigation process

Divorcing your spouse is a stressful process that involves making difficult decisions. One of the most important decisions you can make, however, is choosing a trustworthy attorney to guide you through the process in an efficient, compassionate matter. At Saint Family Law in Centennial, we help divorcing husbands and wives obtain fair results through litigation or negotiation when their marriage ends. Whether your divorce is simple or complex, amicable or contentious, we handle each detail to safeguard your legal rights while you work on starting a new chapter in your life. Wherever you are in the Denver area, we offer a free initial consultation so that you are armed with the knowledge you need to proceed confidently.

Colorado lawyer advocates for parents in child custody matters

If you have minor children, no aspect of divorce is more important than ensuring their care and safety. Saint Family Law can explain the different aspects that govern Colorado custody decisions, including:

  • Decision-making responsibility — Colorado courts generally favor parents sharing this type of custody, often referred to as legal custody, so that both parents have the authority to make important decisions in their child’s life.
  • Parenting time — Once referred to as visitation, parenting time involves where your child will reside and how much time they will spend with each parent.
  • Legal standard — Judges make custody determinations based on what they consider to be in your child’s best interests. We will make a comprehensive presentation to give you and your child a strong foundation for success.

We understand that when a couple shares minor children, it is best to come to a mutual agreement that fosters a successful partnership going forward. However, if an agreement cannot be reached, Saint Family Law will advocate for you in court to protect your parental rights and your child’s welfare.

Knowledgeable counselor aids clients seeking equitable child support terms

Colorado law includes a formula for setting child support terms for parents who do not live together regardless of whether they were ever wed. Factors in the determination include the income of each parent, comparative responsibility for the child’s physical care, and health insurance costs. Though this might seem like a straightforward standard, we can help unearth information that might not be apparent to the court and explore whether income should be imputed to a parent who is intentionally underreporting their earnings.

Skilled assistance for disputes over the division of marital property and debts

Assets and debts accumulated during the course of a marriage are subject to the Colorado legal principle of equitable distribution. This does not necessarily mean that everything will be split evenly, however. When the parties cannot work out a mutually acceptable compromise, Saint Family Law will argue for a fair allocation based on factors such as each spouse’s earning ability and contribution to the marriage. We can also determine whether certain assets and debts should be classified as separate or marital property.

Helping clients to obtain fair spousal maintenance provisions

Since 2014, Colorado courts have used a calculator to set the terms of post-divorce spousal maintenance, or alimony, for most couples. Saint Family Law can advise you as to the payment rate, if any, and duration that you can anticipate paying or receiving this support. If relevant information needs to be brought to the court’s attention, we will do so to give you the best chance at an appropriate result.

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